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Celebrate Administrative Professional’s Day With Coffee Cake

Administrative Professional’s Day or “National Secretaries Day”: April 21st, 2010
Administrative Professional’s Week or “National Professional Secretaries Week”:  April 18-24th.

The perfect opportunity to recognize and show appreciation for all Administrative Professionals in your office!  The gift of coffee cake on Administrative Professional’s day is a great way to impress your Secretary.  Who knows, he or she might share some with you and the rest of the office too…

Did you know the history behind Administrative Professional’s day?

After recognizing the importance and value of the Secretary position in his company, Harry Klemfuss created the holiday in 1952 to encourage more women to take up the profession.  Nowadays, the term has expanded beyond “Secretary” to include such titles as “Administrative Professionals” and “Executive Administrators”.  These roles may be different for each company, but the values and sentiments of the holiday are still the same.

Celebrate Administrative Professional’s day with a delicious gift of coffee cake and show your appreciation for the role your Secretary or Administrator plays in your office.  He or she’ll appreciate the gesture!

Before you forget, view our selection of coffee cakes!  There’s something for everybody. Traditional coffee cake is always great, but you can change it up with Apple Walnut or Cinnamon Walnut.  Not to mention Blueberry!

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