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Cocktail Recipe: Blood Orange Smoothie Tea

Here at, we love tea and encourage you to take time from your busy day to enjoy a cup or two.

Our latest favorite is a creamy blend of naturally caffeine-free South African red rooibos, orange, and vanilla is herbal bliss!  This herbal tea combines rooibos, orange peel, hibiscus, rosehips, apples, safflowers, rose petals, vanilla, and citrus flavors.   After brewing, the naturally sweet, creamy taste and aroma is reminiscent of orange creamsicles and Orange Julius smoothies! You cannot over–steep this tea (the longer the better) and the health benefits of rooibos are numerous; it is full of antioxidants and healthy minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, and fluoride.

We’ve stumbled across a decadent cocktail recipe for “Blood Orange Blush”.

Blood Orange Blush

Servings: 8 champagne flutes


2 tsp BLOOD ORANGE SMOOTHIE tea leaves, yielding ½ cup tea concentrate*
2 tsp sugar, honey, or agave sweetener
1/2 cup Gin
1/2 cup Campari
1 750-ml bottle chilled sparkling white wine, Champagne, Cava, Spumanti or Prosecco


1. *Make BLOOD ORANGE SMOOTHIE tea concentrate:

Place 2 tsp of BLOOD ORANGE SMOOTHIE tea leaves in a 10 oz Steeping cup. Bring 4 ounces of water to boil. Pour hot water over tea leaves and steep for 6 minutes. Strain out tea leaves. Sweeten with 2 tsp sugar, honey or agave. Chill.

2. Combine chilled tea concentrate with Gin and Campari.

3. Divide tea/liquor mix amongst 8 champagne flutes. Fill remainder of flutes with chilled sparkling wine.

And enjoy!  You can re-create this exotic and unique cocktail with the special Red Rocks Caffeine-Free Loose Herbal Tea.  If you’re a tea lover, check out our variety of teapots and teapot sets, as well as our teatime gift sets too!

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