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Brand New From CoffeeCakes: Tea Forte Cocktail Mixology Gift Set

At, we’re proud to introduce the Cocktail Mixology Gift Set–a wonderfully innovative line of tea and accessories that’s a must-have for tea and cocktail connoisseurs alike.  The Mixology set includes everything you need to create an exotic, naturally infused cocktail at home:  two glass infusion chambers, the Cocktail Infusions Collection box of eight infusers, and the Tea Forte Cocktail Infusions recipe booklet.

It’s a fresh, fun creative way to mix drinks!

To become a master mixologist at your next gathering …

-  Place an infuser inside one of the specially-designed Infusion Chambers

-  Pour alcohol over the infuser and let it steep; watch the colors swirl as the flavors release

-  Pour the alcohol infusion over ice in a cocktail glass

-  Add any remaining ingredients, and enjoy!

There’s no hot water needed; the infuser imparts all the exotic, fresh taste of the tea.

Our Cocktail Infusions Collection box includes three tantalizing flavors.

Lavender citrus, with grapefruit, bergamot and violet, infuses well with martinis and cosmopolitans.  Mix Lemongrass mint, with lemon myrtle and spearmint, into mojitos and gin & tonics.  Silkroad chai contains ginger, cardamom and cinnamon, and infuses well with rum & tonics and white Russians.  Experiment to mix up your own creations!

For some inspiration, check out our Tea Forte Cocktail Mixology video tutorials.

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