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Stock up on Ceramic Travel Mugs from Your Coffee Cakes Shop, and Travel with Your Favorite Beverage in a Ceramic Travel Mug

Good morning! It is time to rise and shine. Ok, you can rise, but it is hard to shine before your morning coffee. There’s nothing better than the aroma of morning coffee. Most of us, however, simply don’t have time to sit down and savor a cup of coffee in the morning. We’re on the run! We have to get our kids to school and ourselves to work. Sip your favorite coffee from a ceramic travel mug to make the commute a little less stressful.

Simply pour your coffee into a ceramic travel mug, and head out the door. You’ll save time by not stopping at the service station, grocery store or local coffee chain. If you’re a coffee fanatic, brewing your coffee at home and using a ceramic travel mug will also save you a considerable amount of cash by the end of the week. Ceramic travel mugs help save the environment by lessening the amount of Styrofoam cups piling up in the landfills. Avoiding those notoriously spill-prone Styrofoam cups could also save your car’s upholstery.

So what do you need to know about selecting the “best”ceramic travel mug? How much coffee you enjoy will determine the size of the ceramic travel mug you want to fill. There are 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz, and 20 oz sizes available. Make sure the ceramic travel mug will fit into the cup holder of your vehicle. You should be able to handle the ceramic travel mug with one hand, so the grip has to be comfortable. The mug should be well insulated so the beverage will stay hot (or cold). Choose a dishwasher safe ceramic coffee mug for easy cleaning.

Ceramic travel mugs make great gifts for coffee fanatics. Shop online to find a wide selection of bright, colorful ceramic travel mugs with hand-painted designs. Anyone passionate about coffee will appreciate a ceramic coffee mug to save cash, the environment and to prevent coffee spills. Why pay five dollars for a fancy coffee drink, when you can make your own customized blend at home? Ceramic coffee mugs are perfect for keeping your coffee hot for your entire commute. You’ll feel extra perky in the morning knowing your helping to save the environment, too. provides a great selection of ceramic travel mugs with colors and designs to suit everyone’s style. The wide base of these ceramic travel mugs provides stability—no more coffee spills on the car or desk!

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