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Fruit Cakes: Traditional Dish To Delight All The Guests

If you are fond of serving and eating delicious dishes, which are different than traditional ones, fruit cakes come as the most preferred dish. The wide range of variety allows the host to cook and serve the best that is going to be liked by most of guests. It is easy to cook at home. When it is home made, you are free from all the worries allied to hygiene, freshness, injurious ingredients and artificial colors etc. these can be used in any season. Fruitcakes are served in grand celebrations of weddings and other occasions. Even these can be carried with easily when you plan for short holiday. Because of being homemade, these are less costly than other popular packed dishes that you buy from bakery stores.

Fruitcake is made mainly with chopped candied fruits. To make it delicious dried fruit, spices and nuts are also added. In United Kingdom, some rich cake versions are decorated with ice and whipped cream. The ratio of fruits and nuts depends upon the budget and the favored taste. Basically, there are two types of fruit cakes:

• Light:
This is made with light-color ingredients like light corn syrup, granulated sugar, golden raisins, almonds, apricots and pineapple etc.

• Dark:
These are made with dark color ingredients like molasses and brown sugar. The fruit selection is also done on the similar base. Dark color fruits like prunes, dates, raisins, cherries, walnuts and pecans are used for this type of cake.

Fruitcakes are soaked in liquor to make them long lasting. Some fruitcake enthusiasts like only the older cakes; these fellows do not like to eat the cakes less than three years old. While some cake lovers say that fruitcakes should be consumed within two years. To make these cakes long lasting, these should be tightly wrapped and must be stored in refrigerator. These should be unwrap after every few months and should be drizzled with liquor before re-wrapping back tightly.

If you are planning to source out fruit cakes for grant gathering, wide range of colors, shapes and flavors may confuse you. First of all decide the brand; naturally you will select the most reputed. Traditional Texas Fruit Cakes in Retro Packaging, Grandma’s Original Fruit and Nut cake, Grandma’s No Sugar Added Fruit & Nut Cake and Grandma’s No Sugar Added Fruit & Nut Cake are good options to choose from and to delight the guests of all age groups.

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