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Whiskey Cakes & Ceramic Travel Mugs: Important Contents Of Tour Baggage

Are you planning or a long drive holiday tour? This article is must to read for you, if like to make this tour memorable. Here, I am going to tell you how the whiskey cakes and travel ceramic mugs in your baggage can make this holiday period different than the previous.

When we plan for a vocational tour, we try to make it convenient and budgetary. When you go on a holiday tour, you feel relaxed from mental worries related to household chores or profession. When you are in free mood, you feel more hunger. If you are on a wild or expedition tour, you lose more energy and need something to supplement the lost energy. Eating at unknown outlets may not be good for health and also it is costly also. Therefore, you must have something in your baggage to serve this purpose. There can’t be anything better than whiskey cakes.

This is relatively a new term to many because most of us use coffee cake for general purpose. It can be used up to 5-6 days and it doesn’t need special packing for carrying. It is anytime eatable by anyone. When you share it with your accompanying friends, most of them appreciate for your choice. If you need whiskey cakes in small quantity, you can bake it at home. Sugar, eggs, baking powder, butter, salt, bourbon, white raisins, nutmeg, flour and pecans are the main contents of whiskey fruit cake. Many online sources will help you to accomplish this task successfully. The whole process is just 30-40 minutes, if the ingredients are ready.

The other important belonging that is must for your tour baggage is ceramic travel mugs. These are used to drink anything. By using these, you reduce the risk of infections. Dream Jeweled, Peace Love and Happiness Jeweled,  20 Ounce White,  Wide Base Ceramic Coffee and Black Wide Base ceramic travel mugs are the good options to have look upon. If you buy branded, it would be dishwasher safe and microwaveable. Plastic lid insert keeps the beverage warm besides preventing them from splashes. Pink, red, black, white, cherry and ivory etc are popular colors. The comfortable long handle of ceramic travel mugs is given at least 2.5″ up from the base, so these get fit in most of cup holders fitted in the vehicles.

When you use both of these items during a group holiday tour, these become the attraction center for all and create you a class apart image.

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