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Mail Order Cakes: Easy To Way To Refresh The Routine Menu

If you have passion for throwing parties, traveling or enjoying long coffee sessions fruit cakes, coffee cakes, attractive coffee cups and decent travel mugs are must to have for you. The all time presence of these will reduce your monthly budget while increasing the pleasure many times. If you buy the cakes from specialized and branded stores, share these with your colleagues to win their hearts. When you plan for picnic with kids, don’t forget to carry with some cakes. When you are at drive and don’t want to stop and delay but kids demand something to refresh, give them a pack of fruit cakes.

Large Traditional Cinnamon Walnut Coffee is one of the best mail order cakes. It has the same timeless classic flavor of taste and smell for which it is known worldwide. Stuffed with quality Bourbon Vanilla, cinnamon streusel and whole walnuts, it comes in a very attractive packing that is not less than a gift pack. It is so soft that it almost melts in mouth. The quantity is more than sufficient to be served to 16-20 people. Anytime serving that takes cakes lovers to heaven till it melts in mouth. It is absolutely free from trans fats, artificial flavoring, artificial coloring or preservatives.

Cinnamon Streusel Butter and Sour Cream Cake is another best from mail order cakes category. It is old fashioned but most ordered sour cream cake with delicious cinnamon streusel. This mouth watering anytime serving is made of butter, sour real cream, quality walnuts, sugar nb high end cinnamon. 48 oz pack is more than sufficient for 12-16 people; however, it is hard to resist for more once its softness reaches to hearts. It needs little chilling before slicing to prevent any crumbling. Slight warming and butter topping before serving creates yummy gourmet treat.

Traditional and mouth refreshing Cinnamon Walnut Cake is the best way to impress the guests with hosting style. Its brownish shade with the goodness of golden yellow makes the kids and adults both crazy to have it anytime. The perfect mix of eggs, pure Bourbon Vanilla, sour cream, whole walnuts and cinnamon streusel makes this mail order cakes category cake unique in feel and taste. 28 oz attractive pack is more than enough for 10 – 12 people. It can be keep frozen even for four months.

Almost all of cakes can be bought through mails. However, before finalizing any cake for the party, confirm whether it belongs to mail order cakes category or not.

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