» cake accessories All About Cakes, Coffee Time, Tea Time and Party Time! Fri, 08 Feb 2013 11:50:29 +0000 en hourly 1 Travel Mugs Or Coffee Cup Gifting An Old But Still Most Preferred Choice Thu, 06 Dec 2012 12:31:28 +0000 Administrator Upgrading kitchenware, dinnerware and beverage ware time to time is the favorite exercise of style oriented ladies. Everyone likes to sip the coffee and tea in stylish mugs and cups. To upgrade the existing collection, we do not need to wait for special occasion or for arranging the hefty funds. Buying decent cups for sipping anytime tea or coffee is a fantastic anytime buying activity that gives unique pleasure of buying something.

Gone are the days when we used to buy these small articles after breaking of earlier cups and mugs. Today serving tea or coffee in stylish coffee cups has become a tradition. The visitors too mind the standards and class of cups and accessories. They judge the hospitality standard and your fashion consciousness by the condition and style of cups/mugs sets. Therefore, it becomes must to upgrade the collection of tea ware time to time.

Both the items have been favorites for gifting also. It is an excellent gift option that is justified on various scales like budget, easy to carry, utility potential, light weight, suitability and availability. Every family has one, two or more coffee cup sets; still, if it gets another set as gift, it is certainly going to be used. Coffee cups and mugs are being used for gifting since centuries, yet the preference for these is as high as it used to be decades before. These have been in fashion and practice since centuries and are going to be so for years. Whenever people start planning for New Year and Christmas gifts, the demand for these hits the sky.

If you want to add little variety to your gift, you may turn towards the collection of travel mugs. It is an excellent option for the people who are fond of travelling and even if not, traveling is essential part of everyone’s life. Though this is not going to be sued daily but whenever recipients go on family tour, it reminds about you. Like tea cups, these too are available in variety of shapes and designs. Metallic and non-metallic are two options; however metallic mugs are more in demand because of their rough –tough nature.

The lid with screw arrangement at the top keeps the beverage safe from spillage, so the user can enjoy the favorite drink even while driving or on the move. Double wall traveler mugs are also popular especially because these keep the beverage hot or cold at its original temperature for longer time. The set of two or four is good or you may make the set of four different travel mugs.

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Stroopwafels Deliver Not Only Health Benefits But Finger Licking Taste Too Fri, 27 Apr 2012 10:28:02 +0000 Administrator Stroopwafels are the delightful and crispy thin paper coasters. These are held together by gooey and rich caramel cinnamon syrup. The variety is so wide that you will never get bore with the same flavor and taste. If you do not get enough options at your city store, try online stores. These deliver not only health benefits but finger licking taste too.

Every day we expect something new to our breakfast. Besides the cost other concerns make the selection little confusing. Health friendliness, ease to serve and anytime refreshment like aspects are always the main concern. Stroopwafel created in early 1800’s by French emperor Napoleon emerge as the best course for anytime supplement. These were invented with a purpose. The purpose was to make France free from reliance upon foreign sugar supply. Really it was great invention that helped the country in great way and today it has become the international favorite as any serving.

Stroopwafels are the delightful and crispy thin paper coasters. These are held together by gooey and rich caramel cinnamon syrup. These are available in variety of packs like the units of 8, 20 or 40 so the buyers can buy any of those as per consumption. These are available in variety of flavors and sizes. Exciting range of gift packing makes it fantastic option for anytime gifting.

100% Butter Dutch Waffle Stroopwafel with Caramel Syrup comes as pack of 40 units. These deliver unique taste and health benefit of cheese. These are quite popular in Dutch towns. Stroopwafels Cookies are made delicious to be served with perfect blend of whip cream, ice cream scoop, coffee and tea. Serving these with coffee cup makes the session more refreshing. Everyone feels the instant energy it delivers. These can be stored even for month in tight cookie jar. If you want to store these delicacies for longer period, refrigerate these to be frozen.

Double Dutch Stroopwafel Waffle Syrup Cookies are more popular in Canada. These are made following the recipe from Holland. Use of specialty ingredients most of which are imported from Holland makes these excellent addition to any time meal menu. These were first made in 1784 in Gouda, the famous City in Netherlands. Traditionally they are used during coffee or tea sessions. Taste innovators do this often to enjoy a different Dutch treat!. Generally it is available in pack of 32 units but some brands offer larger packs also. Normally each round cookie measures about 8.5 cm in dia.

100% Butter oDelish Stroopwafel in Delft Blue Netherlands Tin is made with 100 percent real butter cream and caramel syrupy layer in middle. Its placement over the on top of coffee or tea cups allows the cookie to soften inside caramel filling. It is available in pack of 10 large wafer Stroopwafel units. The variety is so wide that you will never get bore with the same flavor and taste. If you do not get enough options at your city store, try online stores.

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Celebrate—With Our New Selection of Party Dishware and Cake Accessories! Tue, 30 Mar 2010 16:21:34 +0000 Administrator Coffee Cake Party wants to help you celebrate the great moments in life! We’ve been busy putting together special gift ideas that complement our best selling coffeecakes—and we think our new party dishes are just the thing.  Check out our brand new additions of celebration dessert plates, teacups, teapots, and serving platters that’ll make any occasion festive and fun!

Wow your friends and family with our colorful and delightfully decorated plates and dishware.  Our selections will add flair to any celebration!  If you’re throwing a party, celebrating an anniversary, birthday, or are just looking to give any special someone a heartfelt reminder of your affection, these dessert and party dishes are the perfect way to brighten someone’s day.  And don’t worry—all of our new additions are dishwasher and microwave safe for your convenience.

Aside from our celebration plates, we’d also like to introduce you to our selection of cake accessories.  We’ve chosen classy designer cake serving stands, servers, and cake platters that are a gorgeous way to present any cake.  The styles available will suit anyone’s tastes, from Italian Florentine cake displays to Strawberry-Crème 1930’s decorative tall pedestals.  These make excellent gifts for cake lovers and will wow your guests at any special occasion. Check back soon—we’re always adding new products and celebration gifts.  Or take a look at our selection of travel coffee mugs and amazing coffee cakes.

coffee cake pedestal

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