» Drinking Glasses All About Cakes, Coffee Time, Tea Time and Party Time! Fri, 08 Feb 2013 11:50:29 +0000 en hourly 1 Travel Mugs Or Coffee Cup Gifting An Old But Still Most Preferred Choice Thu, 06 Dec 2012 12:31:28 +0000 Administrator Upgrading kitchenware, dinnerware and beverage ware time to time is the favorite exercise of style oriented ladies. Everyone likes to sip the coffee and tea in stylish mugs and cups. To upgrade the existing collection, we do not need to wait for special occasion or for arranging the hefty funds. Buying decent cups for sipping anytime tea or coffee is a fantastic anytime buying activity that gives unique pleasure of buying something.

Gone are the days when we used to buy these small articles after breaking of earlier cups and mugs. Today serving tea or coffee in stylish coffee cups has become a tradition. The visitors too mind the standards and class of cups and accessories. They judge the hospitality standard and your fashion consciousness by the condition and style of cups/mugs sets. Therefore, it becomes must to upgrade the collection of tea ware time to time.

Both the items have been favorites for gifting also. It is an excellent gift option that is justified on various scales like budget, easy to carry, utility potential, light weight, suitability and availability. Every family has one, two or more coffee cup sets; still, if it gets another set as gift, it is certainly going to be used. Coffee cups and mugs are being used for gifting since centuries, yet the preference for these is as high as it used to be decades before. These have been in fashion and practice since centuries and are going to be so for years. Whenever people start planning for New Year and Christmas gifts, the demand for these hits the sky.

If you want to add little variety to your gift, you may turn towards the collection of travel mugs. It is an excellent option for the people who are fond of travelling and even if not, traveling is essential part of everyone’s life. Though this is not going to be sued daily but whenever recipients go on family tour, it reminds about you. Like tea cups, these too are available in variety of shapes and designs. Metallic and non-metallic are two options; however metallic mugs are more in demand because of their rough –tough nature.

The lid with screw arrangement at the top keeps the beverage safe from spillage, so the user can enjoy the favorite drink even while driving or on the move. Double wall traveler mugs are also popular especially because these keep the beverage hot or cold at its original temperature for longer time. The set of two or four is good or you may make the set of four different travel mugs.

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Moroccan Tea Glass Set: A Unique Gift for All Tea Lovers Mon, 29 Nov 2010 13:57:00 +0000 Administrator Looking for a unique gift for the tea lover in your life?  Any tea fan will love a set of Moroccan tea glasses.  Enjoy any variety of tea—hot or iced—in these exotic glasses.  If you’d like to keep with Moroccan tradition, brew up a pot of sweet Moroccan green mint tea.

Green mint tea is a symbol of Moroccan hospitality and tradition, and it plays a key role in everyday Moroccan life, as well as special occasions.  Moroccan mint tea is served not only at mealtimes, but also at weddings, religious gatherings, in restaurants, shops, throughout the day, and especially when guests arrive.

Atai, or the method of tea preparation, varies from region to region, though most methods include gunpowder tea imported from China.  The male head of the household traditionally prepares the tea for guests; northern Moroccans tend to prefer sweeter tea than those from the south.  In the winter when mint is rare, wormwood leaves may be added, which lend a unique bitter flavor to the tea.

You can brew your own Moroccan mint tea at home, and serve it in traditional Moroccan tea glasses, to experience Moroccan tradition and to reap the health benefits of green tea and fresh mint.  This tea is also great remedy for a sore throat, a refreshing way to end a meal, and a sweet dessert in itself.  For a lighter version, try adding agave nectar instead of sugar.

Try this authentic recipe:


-      10 sprigs (approx 2-4 leaves ea.) fresh mint, plus extra for garnish

-      3 teaspoons green tea

-      3 tablespoons sugar

-      4 cups water


1.    Boil the water and pour small amount into teapot, swirling to warm pot

2.    Add the mint, green tea, and sugar to the teapot.

3.    Fill teapot with the rest of the water, then let brew for 3 min.

4.    Set out your Moroccan tea glasses, and fill only one with tea.

5.    Pour glass back into the pot, and repeat.  (Moroccans typically pour the tea from about 12in away, helping to aerate the tea and dissolve the sugar.)

6.    Fill all the glasses.  The tea should have a layer of foam on top due to the pouring process.

7.    Garnish with springs of mint and serve.

Serve your homemade Moroccan mint tea in a traditional Moroccan tea glass set.  At, we offer beautiful Moroccan tea glasses.  Our Marrakesh Moroccan tea glass set includes six ornate tea glasses:  two pale blue, two yellow and two dusty rose.  This Moroccan tea set features silver painted rims and ornate silver designs hand painted on each Moroccan tea glass.  These hefty glasses are four inches tall and hold 5 oz—the perfect size for serving Moroccan tea.

Marrakesh Moroccan tea glass set

Our traditional Moroccan tea set features six charming and authentic Moroccan tea glasses. Each Moroccan tea glass stands 4” tall and holds 5 oz.  The bands come in orange, red, purple, blue, yellow and green, with ornate gold designs.  Each Moroccan-made glass is a beautiful piece of artwork—ideal for gift giving or enjoying the perfect cup of tea.

Moroccan tea glasses

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Handmade, Recycled Glass Tumblers for Outdoor Parties! Wed, 27 Oct 2010 18:13:13 +0000 Administrator If you’re looking for beautiful, decorative tumblers for outdoor parties and everyday use, check out our popular new Alfredo Garcia-Lucio glasses.  Available in three designs, these handcrafted glasses hold 14 oz of your favorite beverage.  All are made from recycled glass from soda bottles.  Add a touch of unique, artistic flair to your outdoor party tablescape with these handcrafted glasses.

Carnival Confetti-Colored Recycled Glass Drinking Glasses

Monarch Butterfly Recycled Glass Drinking Glasses

Hummingbird Recycled Glass Drinking Glasses offers beautiful Alfredo Garcia-Lucio glasses in three designs—multicolored confetti, monarch butterflies and hummingbirds, which look gorgeous both inside and outdoors.  These tumbler-sized glasses are hand-blown by artisans in San Miguel de Allande, Mexico, so no two are exactly alike.  The glasses are sturdy, and measure 3”x6”.  Choose the bright, multicolored style, glasses with ornamental hummingbirds feeding from sweeping vines, or style with detailed, etched butterflies and silhouettes.  These glasses make the perfect addition to your deck, garden or patio.

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Herbal Teas: Delicious Ancient Herbal Remedies of Today Wed, 07 Apr 2010 19:17:12 +0000 Administrator

Numi Flowering Tea

Numi Flowering Tea

At, we encourage you to take time from your busy day to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.  Enjoying a cup of tea daily can help you relax, rewind, and benefit your overall health and well being.

Even before tea, people have been making use of herbs and spices to cure everyday ailments and boost the immune system.  Many popular and well-known herbal teas host a variety of health benefits, for instance mint, hibiscus, chamomile, rooibos, lavender, licorice, and many others.  If you’re a tea lover, you’ll be interested to know that tea goes way beyond pleasurable aromatherapy and taste.  The benefits of teas and herbal infusions vary depending on which variety you choose.  Knowing a little bit about the properties of each will help choose the right tea for the right occasion so you’ll sleep better, digest your food more efficiently, relax, and get energized.

Here are a few well-known varieties of tea:

De-Stress your day with a calming cup of Rosebud tea.  You can enjoy the sweet aroma and soothe away all stress and strain.  If you need a pick-me-up, Rosebud tea is also believed to have anti-depressant and anti-anxiety properties as well.  Other benefits include improved blood circulation, improved skin tone and skin nourishment as well.

Ginseng root makes for a delicious tea that’s both palatable and nourishing. The leaves are sweetish, with a slight aromatic, warm pungency. The roots are supposed to have aphrodisiac virtues, and have been long regarded by many as an excellent restorative for both the body and mind.

Give yourself a powerful immunity boost with Hibiscus tea.  Rich in Vitamin C, Hibiscus and has been used to fight fevers and infections, as well as ward off mild colds and sickness.  A few cups of Hibiscus tea and you’ll decrease your chances of catching a cold this winter!

If you do catch a cold, Lemongrass tea is a great natural remedy.  Traditionally used to help relieve coughs and nasal congestion, Lemongrass will relieve minor cold symptoms and comfort you while you recover.

Many people have trouble sleeping these days, and one easy natural remedy is Lavender or Chamomile tea.  Encourage restful sleep with a cup or two before bedtime—both Lavender and Chamomile are very soothing and comforting.  Lavender has long been used as an herb to encourage restful sleep, and is effective as a drink, body lotion, and potpourri.  Chamomile tea is also very thirst quenching and delicious cold in iced tea glasses.

After a big meal, consider drinking a cup of Peppermint Tea as it’ll aid in digestion. It’s a minty, refreshing drink that is highly satisfying both hot in ceramic tea cups and cold in iced tea glasses.

Experiment with different blends and varieties of teas and come up with your own herbal combinations to best serve your mood or provide the desired medicinal effects.  Discover a blend that gives you the relaxation, pick me up, or health benefits that you want!

Glass Teapot

Glass Teapot

Treasure Teatime with and select from our wide variety of teapots and teapot sets Teapots, Travel Tea & Coffee Mugs, Tea & Coffee Glasses and Flowering Tea Gift Sets.

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It’s Good to Be Green: Recycled Glasses Fri, 19 Mar 2010 17:33:00 +0000 Administrator is going green!  We’re now featuring gorgeous indoor/outdoor drinking glasses that are made from recycled glass.  These incredible hand blown glasses are created from recycled soft drink bottles in various colors.  The result is a completely unique multi-color design!  Some of the other styles we carry have natural etched patterns of humming birds, butterflies, and vines.  You may notice slight differences and imperfections in each glass, as no two are the same.  These durable glasses are actually quite heavy and are great for deck, garden, or patio use!

We’re happy to share our delicious coffee cake and do our part to protect the planet.  This summer, enjoy some of our selections with iced tea, milk, iced coffee, or the beverage of your choice out of an eco friendly recycled drinking glass!  To view these glasses and our coffee cakes, visit our website:

Multi Colored Recycled Glass Drinking Glasses

Hummingbird Recycled Glass Drinking Glasses

Monarch Butterflies Recycled Glass Drinking Glasses

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