» Liquor Cakes All About Cakes, Coffee Time, Tea Time and Party Time! Fri, 08 Feb 2013 11:50:29 +0000 en hourly 1 Stroopwafels Deliver Not Only Health Benefits But Finger Licking Taste Too Fri, 27 Apr 2012 10:28:02 +0000 Administrator Stroopwafels are the delightful and crispy thin paper coasters. These are held together by gooey and rich caramel cinnamon syrup. The variety is so wide that you will never get bore with the same flavor and taste. If you do not get enough options at your city store, try online stores. These deliver not only health benefits but finger licking taste too.

Every day we expect something new to our breakfast. Besides the cost other concerns make the selection little confusing. Health friendliness, ease to serve and anytime refreshment like aspects are always the main concern. Stroopwafel created in early 1800’s by French emperor Napoleon emerge as the best course for anytime supplement. These were invented with a purpose. The purpose was to make France free from reliance upon foreign sugar supply. Really it was great invention that helped the country in great way and today it has become the international favorite as any serving.

Stroopwafels are the delightful and crispy thin paper coasters. These are held together by gooey and rich caramel cinnamon syrup. These are available in variety of packs like the units of 8, 20 or 40 so the buyers can buy any of those as per consumption. These are available in variety of flavors and sizes. Exciting range of gift packing makes it fantastic option for anytime gifting.

100% Butter Dutch Waffle Stroopwafel with Caramel Syrup comes as pack of 40 units. These deliver unique taste and health benefit of cheese. These are quite popular in Dutch towns. Stroopwafels Cookies are made delicious to be served with perfect blend of whip cream, ice cream scoop, coffee and tea. Serving these with coffee cup makes the session more refreshing. Everyone feels the instant energy it delivers. These can be stored even for month in tight cookie jar. If you want to store these delicacies for longer period, refrigerate these to be frozen.

Double Dutch Stroopwafel Waffle Syrup Cookies are more popular in Canada. These are made following the recipe from Holland. Use of specialty ingredients most of which are imported from Holland makes these excellent addition to any time meal menu. These were first made in 1784 in Gouda, the famous City in Netherlands. Traditionally they are used during coffee or tea sessions. Taste innovators do this often to enjoy a different Dutch treat!. Generally it is available in pack of 32 units but some brands offer larger packs also. Normally each round cookie measures about 8.5 cm in dia.

100% Butter oDelish Stroopwafel in Delft Blue Netherlands Tin is made with 100 percent real butter cream and caramel syrupy layer in middle. Its placement over the on top of coffee or tea cups allows the cookie to soften inside caramel filling. It is available in pack of 10 large wafer Stroopwafel units. The variety is so wide that you will never get bore with the same flavor and taste. If you do not get enough options at your city store, try online stores.

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Business Gifts: Know Your Options And Limitations Thu, 13 Oct 2011 08:16:32 +0000 Administrator Are you looking for new ways to promote your business in effective manner? There are many ways to promote the business but very few are effective and have edge over other conventional means. Distributing business gifts on special occasion is a traditional business promotion way. These items are given only to those who are decision makers and expected to deliver some benefits to the organization. Although it is traditional and decades old practice, yet it is effective. The acceptance of this business promotion practice is increasing in all the industrial and corporate sectors irrespective to their trade and size.

When we plan for distributing business gifts on festivals like Christmas, New Year or any other special occasion, we come across many options. As the acceptance of this business promotion way is increasing options too are increasing. Just picking up the costliest gifts doesn’t serve purpose necessarily. The chosen business gifts should justify the purpose in different ways. These should be in accordance to trade. These should have high utility value and versatile appeal. These must be usable in all season. The budget in every business activity plays important role so it does here too. Before starting our search for the best gifts we should know our limitations. Ease of distribution, packing, carrying, storing are the main concerns besides availability and utility for all.

The demand of budgetary business gifts is more because numbers of recipients are generally high. Chinese Fondue Hot Pot Cooking Set, Antique White Victorian Style Footed Round Cake Stand in a Gift Box and Electric Fondue Set and Florentine Cake Stand with Server like business gifts make you elite business owner. Though these are little bit costlier but have long lasting appeal. Organic Stroopwafel Dutch Caramel Syrup Waffle Cookies, JoeMo Coffee Stainless Steel Travel Mug , JoeMo Tea Stainless Steel Tea Travel Mug, Travel Tea Mug with Built In Strainer, Tea-Mendous Travel Tea Tumbler with Built In Strainer, Jeweled Ceramic Mug and Custom Gift Tote etc are some of those options that come under or near about 20$ budget.
Whiskey fruit cake is another good option for one and all. The best benefit of this option is that it is universal choice for every business category because of being eatable item especially during Christmas and New Year holidays. Every family likes it and your gift of whiskey fruit cake makes your relationship little personal too. This can be given at home of recipient also and this practice brings you close to recipient.

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Whiskey Fruit Cake: Innovative Modern Age Business Gifts Wed, 17 Aug 2011 08:28:54 +0000 Administrator Importance of business gifts is increasing day by day. How much you are investing for this cause doesn’t matter more than how appropriately you are investing. The item you select for this purposes should be of high utility for the masses. The term masses fits well here because it is difficult to select the business promotion gift differently for each recipient as per his/ her personal liking or need.

The selected gift should be attractive and interesting. It should be inspiring and conveying. Gifts can be used to simply say a world about business activities or these can be used as advertising medium in front of decision makers. Some people use business gifts to make the memories life long lasting. These gifts don’t carry the name of your business, neither these tell about the business activities but these gifts give you an opportunity to come closer to the decision makers as well as to their family members.

Cards holder, writing pads, pen stand, wall painting, home decor item, paper weight etc are the common business gifts which give us ample space for printing our business oriented message. These are of traditional type. Most of these are easily available in numerous stores of your town and most of these stores have printing facility also. Many of these items are so low priced that you can increase the quantity without hitch. As the demand of business gifts is increasing every year, marketing professionals and business owners are innovating the new ways to register the presence of their businesses and activities in the mind of decision makers.

Gifting readymade cake gift packs is the latest new trend. There is vast variety of cakes available in the bakery stores; however, just a taste trial of whiskey fruit cake will make your search easier. Fruit cake is liked by most of recipients. Whiskey fruit cake is a walnuts cake steeped with generous Irish Whiskey Glaze. The extra edge these fruit cakes have is that these can be used even after 3-4 weeks time. These can be packed in attractive packing and can be couriered to distant recipients. The quality and quantity both can be customized but if you are looking for this relatively new idea of business gifts, don’t compromise at any stage. The small value items like coffee cups or travelers mugs can also be added to enhance the worth of whole gift pack. Options are many -give a due thought to get the maximum benefit from gifting.

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