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Herbal Teas: Delicious Ancient Herbal Remedies of Today

Numi Flowering Tea

Numi Flowering Tea

At, we encourage you to take time from your busy day to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.  Enjoying a cup of tea daily can help you relax, rewind, and benefit your overall health and well being.

Even before tea, people have been making use of herbs and spices to cure everyday ailments and boost the immune system.  Many popular and well-known herbal teas host a variety of health benefits, for instance mint, hibiscus, chamomile, rooibos, lavender, licorice, and many others.  If you’re a tea lover, you’ll be interested to know that tea goes way beyond pleasurable aromatherapy and taste.  The benefits of teas and herbal infusions vary depending on which variety you choose.  Knowing a little bit about the properties of each will help choose the right tea for the right occasion so you’ll sleep better, digest your food more efficiently, relax, and get energized.

Here are a few well-known varieties of tea:

De-Stress your day with a calming cup of Rosebud tea.  You can enjoy the sweet aroma and soothe away all stress and strain.  If you need a pick-me-up, Rosebud tea is also believed to have anti-depressant and anti-anxiety properties as well.  Other benefits include improved blood circulation, improved skin tone and skin nourishment as well.

Ginseng root makes for a delicious tea that’s both palatable and nourishing. The leaves are sweetish, with a slight aromatic, warm pungency. The roots are supposed to have aphrodisiac virtues, and have been long regarded by many as an excellent restorative for both the body and mind.

Give yourself a powerful immunity boost with Hibiscus tea.  Rich in Vitamin C, Hibiscus and has been used to fight fevers and infections, as well as ward off mild colds and sickness.  A few cups of Hibiscus tea and you’ll decrease your chances of catching a cold this winter!

If you do catch a cold, Lemongrass tea is a great natural remedy.  Traditionally used to help relieve coughs and nasal congestion, Lemongrass will relieve minor cold symptoms and comfort you while you recover.

Many people have trouble sleeping these days, and one easy natural remedy is Lavender or Chamomile tea.  Encourage restful sleep with a cup or two before bedtime—both Lavender and Chamomile are very soothing and comforting.  Lavender has long been used as an herb to encourage restful sleep, and is effective as a drink, body lotion, and potpourri.  Chamomile tea is also very thirst quenching and delicious cold in iced tea glasses.

After a big meal, consider drinking a cup of Peppermint Tea as it’ll aid in digestion. It’s a minty, refreshing drink that is highly satisfying both hot in ceramic tea cups and cold in iced tea glasses.

Experiment with different blends and varieties of teas and come up with your own herbal combinations to best serve your mood or provide the desired medicinal effects.  Discover a blend that gives you the relaxation, pick me up, or health benefits that you want!

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