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Order Fresh Coffee Cake, Stroopwafels and Other Specialty Desserts Online

Looking for the perfect coffee cake or specialty dessert for any occasion?  You can easily order coffee cake, Stroopwafels, layer cakes, holiday desserts and more online.  Your desserts will arrive fresh at your door just in time for the occasion, whether it’s Christmas, New Year’s or just breakfast any day of the week.

Not all online stores offer the same variety and quality of coffee cake.  Find one that features fresh, homemade coffee cake using only the best ingredients.  A top online coffee cake store uses real butter, high-end cinnamon and sugar to make the delicious streusel part of the coffee cake, and real butter, sour cream and walnuts for the cake itself.  Order a classic cinnamon streusel coffee cake, and it will arrive fresh in a beautiful tin.  This 48 oz (3lb) handmade coffee cake makes the perfect gift for any dessert lover.  For an extra delicious treat, warm the coffee cake slightly before serving, and melt some butter over the top.  Also try serving your coffee cake with a side of fresh fruit, vanilla ice cream or custard.

A specialty coffee cake and dessert store should offer a wide variety of coffee cakes to please any taste.  For a classic, timeless coffee cake, order the traditional cinnamon walnut coffee cake, baked with farm fresh eggs, sour cream and pure Bourbon vanilla.  If you love fresh fruit in your coffee cake, order an apple walnut coffee cake, a traditional rich sour cream coffee cake layered with plump, fresh granny smith apples.  For those who love muffins and coffee cake, order delicious coffee cake muffins.  Layered with cinnamon streusel and drizzled with caramel sauce, these come individually wrapped in a beautiful golden gift box.

Visit an online store offering a variety of specialty treats, perfect for gifts, holidays or any special occasion.  Order a tin of Stroopwafels to taste a classic Dutch treat that’s a hard-to-find specialty item in American stores.  For the uninitiated, these Dutch syrup (stroop) waffles are made of two waffle-cone style disks sandwiched with a layer of caramel syrup.  Savor them with coffee or tea, placing the Stroopwafel over the cup to slightly melt the caramel filling.  Also enjoy your Stroopwafels with whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream.  Stroopwafels will keep for up to a month in the cookie jar, or longer if refrigerated or frozen.


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