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Check Out Our Exclusive New oDelish 100% Butter Stroopwafels

Indulge in Stroopwafels, one of the top selling items on  We’ve just added Exclusive oDelish Brand 100% Butter Stroopwafels and new, unique Organic Stroopwafels to our lineup of delicious Dutch treats.  For the uninitiated, Stroopwafels are crisp, paper-thin coasters, held together by rich, gooey cinnamon caramel syrup.  They are said to have originated around the time of Napoleon’s rule, in the Dutch town of Gouda.  These cookies make the perfect addition to dessert or teatime—try them with a touch of whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream.  For the ultimate Stroopwafels experience, try placing one on the rim of your coffee or tea to soften the caramel filling to an irresistible, gooey consistency.


We offer Stroopwafels in quantities of 8, 20 or 40.  Try our exclusive oDelish Brand Stroopwafels, in either a 20 or 40 pack.  We also offer Double Dutch Stroopwafels made in Canada with imported specialty ingredients from Holland.  Also try an 8-pack of Stroopie Stroopwafels cookies, authentic Verweij 100% butter Stroopwafels in the famous Delft, Netherlands blue tin.  We recently added a 100% organic line of Stroopwafels to our site, from the oDelish brand.  These Stroopwafels have the same delicious taste and texture, plus they feature the EcoCert Organic Certification.  Order a pack now for the perfect gift, or treat for your next dessert or teatime.

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