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Something a Little Different: Truly Wonderful Dutch Stroopwafel Cookies

After cupcakes, cake, chocolate, and other desserts, you can’t help but crave something more exciting. We’d like to introduce you to stroopwafels.

The Stroopwafel (pronounced “Strope-vaffle”) is a truly wonderful Dutch cookie. Along with tulips, clogs, canals, and windmills, the Dutch are known for delicious Stroopwafels “syrup waffles”, crisp, paper-thin coasters held together with a rich, gooey caramel filling. It’s believed that Napoleon himself introduced the Stroopwafel cookie by dictating sugar be grown in Holland to free France from any foreign sugar reliance. Soon after, the stroopwafels cookie was born in the Dutch town of Gouda. Incredibly delicious, these cookies are now gaining worldwide recognition—in Japan, there is a growing interest and various specialty supermarkets have started to sell these fantastic imported treats.

Stroopwafel cookies have many names – syrup waffles, siroopwafels, stroopies, or waffle cookies. These treats are traditionally enjoyed at teatime, but of course you can enjoy them whenever you’d like. Stroopwafels are meant to be eaten after resting atop a steaming hot beverage. To fully enjoy your Stroopwafel cookie, place one upon your cup of tea or coffee. The two thin spiced waffle cookies have a lush, buttery caramel filling. Allow the heat to soften the layer of syrup between the two waffles and it’ll become runny and gooey—a perfect treat. The entire cookie softens just a touch, and you’ll enjoy a perfect melty and delectable caramel experience. The cookies are wide enough to rest atop of even large mugs. Perfect just the way they are, but you can also enjoy these cookies with whipped cream, a scool of vanilla ice cream. If you’d really like to enhance your Stroopwafel cookies, heat them gently under a broiler until the filling becomes gooey, than enjoy with fruit, marscapone cheese, and honey.

Of course you can enjoy Stroopwafels fresh and warm from the waffle iron in Holland when the caramel filling is warm and liquid, but Stroopwafels are also delicious when enjoyed at home. Your Stroopwafels will keep for a month in the cookie jar, but longer if you choose to refrigerate or freeze them. Chewy, caramel-filled, and with hints of cinnamon, Stroopwafels are perfect after-dinner treats or can be enjoyed for breakfast or at brunch. Also great for holiday entertaining, presents, small get togethers, tea time, and any occasion you’d like to pause and relax in your day. Children love Stroopwafels for dessert atop a mug of hot chocolate.

Unique Stroopwafel cookie gifts are perfect for weddings, holiday parties, celebrations, and sharing with friends and family. Give them a try!

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