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Try Our New Varieties of Christmas Stollen

This holiday season, try stollen, the traditional German Christmas cake.  Similar to the Dutch kerstsol and Italian pannetone, stollen is a sweet, fruit-filled bread often covered with sugar, powdered sugar or icing.  The dusting of powdered sugar is said to make the loaf represent the Christ Child in swaddling cloths.


At, we’ve added new flavors to our collection of classic stollens.  Our traditional stollen, imported from Germany, features fresh butter, eggs, raisins and candied fruits.  We also offer traditional marzipan stollen, loaded with raisins, nuts, cherries and a sweet marzipan filling.  For a little variation, try our German cranberry stollen, or black forest cherry liqueur stollen.

Traditionally, stollen is served on Christmas morning.  Serve thin slices of stollen for breakfast, or enjoy it while sipping your afternoon tea or coffee.  For extra moistness and sweetness, toast the stollen, spread on some butter and top with a little extra powdered sugar.


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