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Moroccan Tea Glass Set: A Unique Gift for All Tea Lovers

Looking for a unique gift for the tea lover in your life?  Any tea fan will love a set of Moroccan tea glasses.  Enjoy any variety of tea—hot or iced—in these exotic glasses.  If you’d like to keep with Moroccan tradition, brew up a pot of sweet Moroccan green mint tea.

Green mint tea is a symbol of Moroccan hospitality and tradition, and it plays a key role in everyday Moroccan life, as well as special occasions.  Moroccan mint tea is served not only at mealtimes, but also at weddings, religious gatherings, in restaurants, shops, throughout the day, and especially when guests arrive.

Atai, or the method of tea preparation, varies from region to region, though most methods include gunpowder tea imported from China.  The male head of the household traditionally prepares the tea for guests; northern Moroccans tend to prefer sweeter tea than those from the south.  In the winter when mint is rare, wormwood leaves may be added, which lend a unique bitter flavor to the tea.

You can brew your own Moroccan mint tea at home, and serve it in traditional Moroccan tea glasses, to experience Moroccan tradition and to reap the health benefits of green tea and fresh mint.  This tea is also great remedy for a sore throat, a refreshing way to end a meal, and a sweet dessert in itself.  For a lighter version, try adding agave nectar instead of sugar.

Try this authentic recipe:


-      10 sprigs (approx 2-4 leaves ea.) fresh mint, plus extra for garnish

-      3 teaspoons green tea

-      3 tablespoons sugar

-      4 cups water


1.    Boil the water and pour small amount into teapot, swirling to warm pot

2.    Add the mint, green tea, and sugar to the teapot.

3.    Fill teapot with the rest of the water, then let brew for 3 min.

4.    Set out your Moroccan tea glasses, and fill only one with tea.

5.    Pour glass back into the pot, and repeat.  (Moroccans typically pour the tea from about 12in away, helping to aerate the tea and dissolve the sugar.)

6.    Fill all the glasses.  The tea should have a layer of foam on top due to the pouring process.

7.    Garnish with springs of mint and serve.

Serve your homemade Moroccan mint tea in a traditional Moroccan tea glass set.  At, we offer beautiful Moroccan tea glasses.  Our Marrakesh Moroccan tea glass set includes six ornate tea glasses:  two pale blue, two yellow and two dusty rose.  This Moroccan tea set features silver painted rims and ornate silver designs hand painted on each Moroccan tea glass.  These hefty glasses are four inches tall and hold 5 oz—the perfect size for serving Moroccan tea.

Marrakesh Moroccan tea glass set

Our traditional Moroccan tea set features six charming and authentic Moroccan tea glasses. Each Moroccan tea glass stands 4” tall and holds 5 oz.  The bands come in orange, red, purple, blue, yellow and green, with ornate gold designs.  Each Moroccan-made glass is a beautiful piece of artwork—ideal for gift giving or enjoying the perfect cup of tea.

Moroccan tea glasses

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