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Fruit Cakes: Know Your Options To Source It

No happy occasion is celebrated without serving finger licking cake. Therefore, whenever you plan to host a party, you essentially plan for the cake. When you approach the bakery stores, you come across wide range of options. Out of hundreds, fruit cakes are served more because these are favorites to most of the people. Fruitcake is the mixture of different fruits and nuts containing enough batter that holds them together. Fruitcake can be kept for many months or even a year. To do this, you need to keep it wrapped in foil. It should be sprinkled with alcoholic liquor regularly. It should be kept in a tight closed tin.  Therefore, don’t take much tension about the size; if some part is left, it would be used after the party.

Before placing the order for fruit cakes, check the nuts and fruits to be used. If you don’t like any particular, ask the baker to replace it with another or simply not to use it. There is no hard and fast rule to club up particular nuts and fruits; so you have complete freedom to get the cake of personal taste. Nuts can be replaced by seeds. Similarly, candied fruits can be replaced with dry fruits in juice. Light fruitcake, Dark fruitcake, Dundee cake, Panettone and Stollen cakes are more popular. The ultimate taste depends upon the perfection of baker. Therefore, perfect selection of baker is very important. Get the one that has social repute and experience in baking the cake that you like to have. If you are living in a city since a long time, you must be knowing the best baker but if not get the reference form of social circle. Never compel the baker to reduce the rate of fruit cakes more than justified limit otherwise he may play with quality.

The alternative way to please the guest with mouth watering fruit cakes is to bake it by self. Yes, it is possible and it is not a tough task. You just need the moral support and determination. Homemade fruit cakes are fresh, more hygienic and better in quality besides being less in cost. If you have not tried yet, don’t try directly for the party.

The other alternative to be on safer side is to place the order online to a famous baker. There are many bakeries that have become brand and know the fashion and taste better. Online bakery stores offer more options; even some stores offer customization facility also allowing the buyers to get the fruit cakes exactly to their personal taste.

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