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Make The Parties More Thrilling With Stollen & Whiskey Fruit Cake

Cakes are being used to bring the completeness in the servings we do during special occasions since centuries. These have been common part of daily meals, coffee break and tea session. Kids love to have it in their school Tiffin. As the demand of cake is increasing all over the world, bakers too are innovating new recipes to retain the attraction of worldwide wild community for cakes. Whiskey fruit and stollen cakes are relatively new arrivals, which are still to be tasted by many.

Sugar, eggs, butter, baking powder, salt, bourbon, flour, pecans, white raisins and nutmeg are
the main contents of whiskey fruit cake. The whisky of desired flavor and brand is mixed with the paste. The cake baking method differs from one baker to another; this recipe difference creates variation in taste and look. Though it is relatively a new recipe to be tried at home but even the working woman too can try it. Its preparation and baking is easy and doesn’t need much time. If you are inexperienced in cake baking, surf over some cakes special sites, you will realize that there are no hidden gimmicks that can prevent you from preparing whiskey fruit cake at home. It would be exactly as per your taste besides being much cheaper.

Sometimes, you need cake in quantity for party. Here, you wouldn’t like to take risk with your social prestige by serving homemade cake that may have some fault. First of all select the type of cake to be served. Coffee cake too may be a good option but it has become common; however, it is cheaper besides being available at every shop. Whiskey fruit cake can be flavored according to the parameters of party like occasion, place, season and other activity; and, this customization can be done by altering the whisky types.

If you want to solidify your social image through the hosted party, consider the option of stollen cakes. It is a traditional cake of German. It is a loaf-shaped cake and contains dried fruits covered with sugar. By changing the type of sugar and fry fruits combination, you can create variety. It can be used in home for general purpose also. The company of butter makes the stollen cakes better in taste. However, as the demand of this cake is comparatively low, so only the leading bakeries offer it. The proper selection of bakery is must because its preparation needs experience and perfection both.

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