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Coffee Cake & Tea Cups: For Special Relaxing Moments

Coffee has been the important part of our daily eating culture. It is popular in all the communities irrespective to their geographical location. This is liked by everyone irrespective to age. The home expert ladies try their best to make the coffee session most enjoyable. The presence of nice coffee cake & tea cups make the coffee session better in trend, taste and comfort.

Coffee cakes are must to have eatables for every home. These are special cakes which are generally served with coffee but as their name shows, these don’t contain coffee. These are single layer cakes and come in variety of shapes like rectangular, square or raised loaf. These are flavored with cinnamon, fruits and nuts. These have a crumbly topping which is termed as streusel. These cakes differ from layered cakes in appearance and in contents. When we approach the nearby or online bakery stores, we come across wide variety. Here is the briefing about some more popular coffee cakes.

Cinnamon Walnut is the yummy selection to impress the guests with your hosting style. It has brown tone of color with traces of golden shade. It is the preferred choice of ids and adults both for anytime. It is made of eggs, sour cream, cinnamon streusel, whole walnuts and pure Bourbon Vanilla etc. Standard packing comes in 28 oz weight and its quantity is sufficient to serve for 10 to 12 people. The best feature of this cake is that it can be kept frozen up to four months; so you can place the order for larger quantity to save more.

Cinnamon Streusel Butter with sour whip cream coffee time cake comes under traditional category. However, it still has its attraction. It comes delicious cinnamon streusel. This finger licking anytime cake is made with sour cream, real butter, quality walnuts, sugar and high end cinnamon. Standard packing comes in 48 oz weight and its quantity is sufficient to serve for 12 to 16 people. People like to feel its softness that goes directly to the hearts of users. Before slicing, It needs little chilling to eliminate crumbling possibility. To make it taste better and different than the standard one, warm it slightly for few minutes at low temperature and serve it with butter toping.

During the coffee sessions, don’t limit your attention to coffee cake only, think about the tea cups also. These should be attractive, comfortable to hold and capable to retain the temperature of coffee or other beverages for longer period.

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