» Corporate Gifts All About Cakes, Coffee Time, Tea Time and Party Time! Fri, 08 Feb 2013 11:50:29 +0000 en hourly 1 New Conceptual Business Gifts Options For This Year Tue, 15 Nov 2011 09:11:53 +0000 Administrator Demand of business gifts becomes high in all the countries with the dawn of every new year. Gifting on the arrival of New Year has been a tradition since centuries. Using this opportunity and tradition for business promotion has become a routine practice. This practice delivers multiple benefits to the gifts givers belonging to business or corporate sector. It not only strengthens the relationship but also offers unique opportunity to convince the gifts receivers being face to face in very cordial atmosphere. Though business gifts can be used any time of year to promote business or a particular product but New Year gift has more importance.

Stores have already updated their collection; this is the best time to pick your best. When you will land in gifts stores, you will come across mesmerizing range of products. Each option has its own attraction. Some items have utility potential while others have aesthetic appeal. Cream chargers, soda chargers, coffee mugs, coffee cakes, decorative lighting, wall painting, office table ware and corner indoor fountain etc are some popular options. To get the true benefits of distributing business gifts, selection of best is essential. Otherwise, you may invest your money and efforts without getting expecting gains.

When you start your search for unique business gifts at city stores, you have limited options but if you are on online search, you get much more. Generally, online gifts stores offer wide range of gifts options as many of these are run by the manufacturers themselves that too in pool with others. Online shopping has always been a memorable experience so why not to opt for this trusted option. Following new arrivals under business gifts category will help you optimize your selection approach.

Favorites Gift Basket is the one recent arrival in leading gifts stores.  It has traditional cinnamon walnut, stroopwafels, chocolate sauce and coffee cake. Golden brown cream sour coffee cake has been customer favorite since its introduction. This Traditional Cinnamon Walnut Cake defines the comfort food style besides being a great gift for entertaining and giving. It contains no harmful ingredients. Standards pack can be served up to 10 – 12 people. Hummingbird Recycled Glass Drinking Glasses set is another hot arrival in the stores. These beautiful drinking glasses are designed by world famous designer Alfredo Garcia-Lucio. Each glass measures about 3″x6″ and has capacity about 14 oz. It is anytime best buy for any family and can be used on or around deck, garden or patio. Go ahead, have a look over JoeMo Coffee Stainless Steel Travel Mug; it is season’s one of the hot business gifts.

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New Conceptual New Year Gift Items More Than Just Being Business Gifts Tue, 08 Nov 2011 07:59:52 +0000 Administrator Year 2011 is about pass as the 2012 is just couple of months away. It seems good to see the business reports that reflect satisfactory growth in all the trades. However, best is still to achieved. During 2011, when most of business made roaring success after leaving behind the bitter memories of 2 years recession period, some challenges too are felt. During last few years, globalization in business trades has stiffened the competition. Just the new products and new technology are no more the guarantee of long term success. Business managers are following new policies and practices to boost their business revenue. Distributing business gifts is one of those practices.

As the month of December arrives every year, gift stores feel the new surge in demand of unique business gifts. Everyone asks for unique items because he/she wants to give non-repeated gift. It has become a tough challenge for business gifts stores to meet all of expectations despite having enough wide range of gifts. Every year, gift manufacturers introduce new exciting range to match the changed requirements of gift buyers.

Travel mugs, soda siphons and cream chargers are the new conceptual business gifts. These are gaining popularity in all the segments as unique gift items. The major advantage of these items is that these are be used in all the families. Travel mugs are long lasting and are used frequently for sipping the favorite beverages for hours. The double wall body retains the temperature of beverage for hours. Soda siphons are used to energize your drinks with pinch of refreshing soda. These change the customary taste of drinks. Cream chargers are used to make whip cream at home whenever required. These are small N20 units and are used with the help of cream dispenser unit. If budget is flexible, you can use cream dispensers also as business gifts. All of these items are small sized and low in weight. These can be privatized easily by asking the vendor to get your business logo printed over the body. Business cards can also be inserted to make these items perfect and more purposeful business gifts.

The other option you have for business gifts purpose is fruit cake. These are available in wide range of taste, flavors and sizes. Shapes can be customizes easily.  Ultimate Lovers Sampleris, Traditional Texas Pre-Sliced, Assumption Abbey and Wrapped Individually, Grandma’s Famous Fruits & Nuts, Grandma Original Fruit & Nut Cake Ring without sugar, Chocolate, Natural Mandarin Cranberry & Orange Ring fruitcakes are considered all time favorites. Sources are numerous; if you don’t find any suitable in your city, opt for online buying of business gifts.

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Insulated Mugs Being Liked More As Low Budget Business Gifts Thu, 20 Oct 2011 07:55:41 +0000 Administrator Business gifts can be used round the year to promote the business as well as to strengthen the business relations.  However, the importance of business promotion gifts becomes more near Christmas or New Year. Demand of business gifts becomes quite high at the arrival of Christmas or New Year. Every year, manufacturers introduce new concepts in form of new gift products, thus the selection of best becomes tough and confusing. Selection of best business gift needs multidimensional consideration even before heading for gift stores. There is no shortage of options. However, we need a centric approach to select the real best in terms of utility, price, convenience to distribute, packing, customization scope and convincing appeal etc.

Business gift that you select must be different from that of others. Key personalities in business community get gifts from many people and this aspect makes it important to select an item that could specify your distinguished approach. Giving business gifts is not one time affair, it must be influential. It should be as per standards of recipient. Many business gift items have versatile potential to be used for any business. These items can be gifted anytime. These are used in every family and thus your gift reminds your presence multiple times whenever it is used.  Insulated mug are gaining wide social acceptance for being round the year versatile business gift item.

Insulated mugs are available in variety of sizes and shapes. These are made of different materials like ceramic, steel and plastic etc. Insulated mugs made of stainless steel are more popular because of being long lasting. These can be used as traveler mugs also. The beverages you use in these mugs remain hot or cold for 2-3 hours. Many brands offer these mugs with spill proof lid also. The long handle makes their handling easy and sturdy for left and right handed users. These are anytime excellent addition to every kitchen. These come in such a wide range of colors that these seem a shelf mounted decorative item.

Some brands offer insulated mugs with special message for the global community that makes your gift more special. Peace Love and Happiness Jeweled Ceramic Mug is the one among this years’ fresh arrivals in this category. This mug comes with soft pad at the bottom top facilitate its soft placing on sophisticated tabletops. Karma insulated mug is other good option in same category. All of these are available in attractive festive packing so you hardly need to invest extra for gift packing.

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Mail Order Cakes And Tea Cups: Essential Item In Christmas Shopping List Wed, 19 Oct 2011 13:10:17 +0000 Administrator You might be looking for new means to celebrate this Christmas and New Year in new style with difference to previous celebration. Most of ladies become too busy in kitchen during this festive season that they don’t get any time to enjoy with kids or the visitors. The kids demand something new to eat in between main meals and this demand becomes more they are at home for more time. On the other side, you try to be best host by serving mouth watering dishes to the visitors. Little professional approach while preparing Christmas shopping list may help you to enjoy this Christmas with your kids, family members and visitors spending more time without compelling them to compromise with their demands and expectations. Inclusion of tea cups and mail order cakes in your shopping list may bring in this significant difference.

Many bakery stores offer attractive convenient packing of finger licking fruit cakes, whiskey fruit cake and coffee cakes which can be availed by placing order through mail. Some people call these cakes mail order cakes. The variety of mail order cakes is so wide that your family members will never bore by having same serving in each session. Assumption Abbey, Ultimate Fruitcake Lovers Samplers, Traditional Texas pre-Sliced and Individually Wrapped, Grandma’s Famous Original Fruit & Nut Cake Ring but without sugar, Grandma’s Famous Fruit & Nut, Chocolate fruitcakes and All Natural Mandarin Orange & Cranberry Ring are all time favorite mail order cakes. The serving of these cakes impresses the visitors with hosting style as well as your hosting standard. Major benefit of choosing mail order cakes as main dish is that long shelf life of these cakes allow to store these for weeks.

The other low priced item that must be essential part of shopping list on this Christmas is tea cups. When you serve the mouth watering cakes with hot tea in designer tea cups, it delivers long lasting impression besides making the tea session more relaxing. Tea cups are available in wide range of designs, sizes and style; so selection can be made as per personal liking without any compromise with theme, color, particular design or shape. Tea cups with Christmas theme are also available and are in huge demand. These are designed in such a unique way that these can be used round the year. Some reputed brands offer double body unbreakable tea cups also. These cups have high utility worth and thus are perfect option for Christmas gift.

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Business Gifts: Know Your Options And Limitations Thu, 13 Oct 2011 08:16:32 +0000 Administrator Are you looking for new ways to promote your business in effective manner? There are many ways to promote the business but very few are effective and have edge over other conventional means. Distributing business gifts on special occasion is a traditional business promotion way. These items are given only to those who are decision makers and expected to deliver some benefits to the organization. Although it is traditional and decades old practice, yet it is effective. The acceptance of this business promotion practice is increasing in all the industrial and corporate sectors irrespective to their trade and size.

When we plan for distributing business gifts on festivals like Christmas, New Year or any other special occasion, we come across many options. As the acceptance of this business promotion way is increasing options too are increasing. Just picking up the costliest gifts doesn’t serve purpose necessarily. The chosen business gifts should justify the purpose in different ways. These should be in accordance to trade. These should have high utility value and versatile appeal. These must be usable in all season. The budget in every business activity plays important role so it does here too. Before starting our search for the best gifts we should know our limitations. Ease of distribution, packing, carrying, storing are the main concerns besides availability and utility for all.

The demand of budgetary business gifts is more because numbers of recipients are generally high. Chinese Fondue Hot Pot Cooking Set, Antique White Victorian Style Footed Round Cake Stand in a Gift Box and Electric Fondue Set and Florentine Cake Stand with Server like business gifts make you elite business owner. Though these are little bit costlier but have long lasting appeal. Organic Stroopwafel Dutch Caramel Syrup Waffle Cookies, JoeMo Coffee Stainless Steel Travel Mug , JoeMo Tea Stainless Steel Tea Travel Mug, Travel Tea Mug with Built In Strainer, Tea-Mendous Travel Tea Tumbler with Built In Strainer, Jeweled Ceramic Mug and Custom Gift Tote etc are some of those options that come under or near about 20$ budget.
Whiskey fruit cake is another good option for one and all. The best benefit of this option is that it is universal choice for every business category because of being eatable item especially during Christmas and New Year holidays. Every family likes it and your gift of whiskey fruit cake makes your relationship little personal too. This can be given at home of recipient also and this practice brings you close to recipient.

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Decide The Price Slab Before Selection Of Business Gifts Mon, 03 Oct 2011 11:32:12 +0000 Administrator Almost all of business trades are facing the impacts of increasing competition because of increased globalization. Economic growth rate of Asian and European countries is struggling to remain on the expected track. In such global economic scenario, business owners and managers are innovating new strategies and methods to promote the businesses as well as to make their products and services more favorite to buyers. Different kinds of business gifts are used by corporate offices to show their presence in the business community and relevant decision makers.

Budget comes first of all while planning for distribution of business gifts. When we approach the stores dealing in special occasions or holiday gift items like tea cups or fruit cakes, we come across wide range. Some gift items are not used daily by us. Generally, such gifts are placed in store well for once or twice a year use. While some gift items are used frequently. These items impress the recipients more because of repeated presence. However, ultimate choice is yours. The items expected to be used often are preferred. If the budget is tight and the purpose for distributing business promotion gift is business promotion among the users, wide range of low priced items is available. Premium business gifts having high value tags are used to be gifted to key decision makers or to very specials.

Demand of low priced business promotion gifts is more. Generally, the buyers of these items have long list of recipients. Before starting the search, decide maximum price range. Well below $25, $20 – $60 or Over $60 may be slabs. The practice of fixing budget range helps to optimize the items selection.

If come for the first price slab of under 25$, you have numerous options. JoeMo Stainless Steel Tea Mug, Organic Stroopwafel Caramel Syrup Dutch Waffle Cookies, Coffee Stainless Steel JoeMo Travel Mug , Tea cups with Strainer, Tea-Mendous Travel Tea Tumbler, Ceramic Jeweled Mug and Custom Gift Tote etc are some popular business gifts. If you prefer second option of $20 – $60, wade through the wide collection of Handmade Cinnamon Large Streusel Butter with Sour Cream Coffee Cake, Chocolate Espresso Liqueur Cake, Cinnamon Coffee Cake Muffins, Bourbon Southern Liqueur Pecan Cake or Liqueur Cake Sampler to choose the best. Probably, you might be knowing the special taste and aroma of these affordable business gifts. These can be gifted to everyone because these are consumed in every family. Bee House Iced Ceramic Teapot and Baroque Artist’s Loft Tea Time Teapot are other utility items that too fall under same price range.

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Business Gifts: Selection Makes Remarkable Difference Tue, 27 Sep 2011 11:04:57 +0000 Administrator Business gifts have been reliable business promotion tools since centuries. On each and every celebration, demand of these increases amazingly. Opening of new service branch, festival like Christmas, New year and Easter and launch of new products etc are some prominent occasions which are used for business promotion by distributing gifts. This time too enquiries are flooding in for the new introductions of this class. Manufacturers too are sensing the increasing demand of festive gifts. To get maximum sales at this once a year occasion of New year, they are more concerned about the introduction of new items. The affordable price is second but important concern. Coffee cups are being popular as business promotion gifts just because of their high utility for everyone and affordable price.

When we approach the stores for unique business gifts, we come across many options. Selection of gift depends upon the available budget. It shouldn’t be inspired with any particular theme like religion, occasion, place or personality. It should have utility for all. The selected gift should be used by the recipient instead of being placed in shelf because recipients forget the gift and you both after placing it in almirah. Such business promotion gifts serve no purpose. If you are in bakery business, select a delicious fruit cake or coffee cake. If you are into the travel business, think about the set of travel mugs or coffee cups. Both of these can be customized with business slogan or a particular message. Both the options have high utility value for most of recipients.

If you are promoting the business on or around some festivals, eatables are the best options to be selected as business gifts. Cinnamon Walnut is yummy selection to impress the recipients. It has been the preferred choice of kids and adults both since years. It has brown color tone with golden traces. Standard packing of most of cakes comes in 28 oz weight. Cinnamon Streusel Butter with sour whip cream coffee time cake is also a good option.

Whatsoever business gift you choose, it must be reflective. Don’t compromise with quality or look. If you have tight budget, reduce the numbers of recipients instead of reducing quality. Many organizations specialize in this trade that offer special services for customized packing and confirmed delivering. Business cards should be inserted in gift packing essentially; it helps the recipients to recognize your gift. Gym Set, Tooth Brush Timer, Marks Man Flat Clock and Tabletop Golf game, wall clocks and wall hangings etc are also gaining popularity as affordable festive business gifts.

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Business Gifts: Tradition Becoming Strong With Arrival Of New Arrivals Mon, 19 Sep 2011 08:30:16 +0000 Administrator Business promotion can be done at any time in many ways. Even then there are some special occasions, which are used to accomplish this task with traditional and custom flavors. It has been years old tradition in business circles to promote the business by strengthening the relationships with the people who have potential to support the business. Business gifts are used to celebrate the occasions with high expectations. The distribution of gifts on special occasions is not limited only to business circles but it goes beyond the business relationship also.

Business gifts have been in to trade promotion practice since centuries. Though with the passage of time, the form of business promotion gift has changed much but its utility is same. Today, it is one of the most result oriented and effective business promotion way. There is no shortage of options. So when you plan for business promotion, you come across many options that suit to your budget and other selection parameters. To get the expected results, selection of right business gift is must. Business owners or managers need focus centric approach to make this task more delivering as well as cost effective. Convenience in distribution is another main aspect that needs special consideration.

Selected business promotion gifts should have great utility potential. These should be useful for everyone. These should have high visibility potential. These should have enough space to mark your identity and message. These should be long lasting and must have versatile appeal. Leather wallets, mobile cover, lap top cover and disc cover etc are available in variety of designs and must have enough space for printing the business message. All of these are low cost options. If the budget allows, you may opt for table lamps, wall paintings, wall clocks, hanging brass bells and decoration pieces.

The other category includes eatables and allied products. You may like to use cakes, cookies, chocolate, tea cups, tea infusers and travelers mug etc as business gifts. Cakes, cookies and chocolate packs are more popular business gifts on festive occasions. These are affordable gift option and carry the warmness of relations. The major benefit of this category is that you don’t need to segregate the recipients. The other new arrivals in this category are cream dispenser and soda chargers packs. Though it is less popular in the communities but it is gaining high popularity in all the communities worldwide. These are versatile business gifts that last long. Every time users use these products, he remembers you.

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Affordable Business Gifts Options Which Are Unique Tue, 13 Sep 2011 12:13:02 +0000 Administrator Festive season is fast approaching. Smart business managers have already started planning for business gifts. Gifts are given for many purposes. These may be for conveying special messages and greetings or for promoting the relationship. Business gifts are used to strengthen the relationship. There are many items that can be used for this purpose. Manufacturers too know the importance of this kind of business promotion so they refresh their products range on every great occasion. The availability of wide range may be confusing but here are some products which are being liked by the trend conscious business promoters. Hopefully you will get help in selecting the best.

When you approach the departmental stores, you will come across wide range of leather wallets, disc cover, mobile cover and lap top cover etc. These are available in wide range of design and have enough space for getting your company or business message printed. These have great utility value for all, so these are not going to be in stored to be gifted to others. Most of such items are going to be on the tables or daily usable racks of recipients. The other option in premium grade category is Cheque books holders. These are used and desired by all the professionals to keep their business cards and cheque books safe. This business gift always remains with them wherever they go.

Cinnamon Walnut and Cinnamon Streusel Butter with sour whip cream etc are other good options to be considered for business gifts. These come in variety of packing. If you need these coffee cakes in bulk, you may ask the supplier to customize the packing. Business message is printed on the top of packing. This is very good option to add personal relationship flavor to commercial relationship. Every recipient admires the taste of cakes in front of sharing members. The cost of coffee cake gift items is such affordable that you will hardly need to expand your permissible budget limit.

Most of us, even in young age, suffer with digestion problem or extra bulges in the body that make the physical look unimpressive.  Molecular gastronomy is the answer to many of such problems. To make this occasion more meaningful and purposeful, chose the cream dispensers as business gifts. The major advantage with these units that comes to you and thus to your business is that these are long lasting. Everyone needs them. Business message can be printed over the metallic body, so whenever these are used, these remind about your presence.

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Business Gifts: Get The Best That Serves The Purpose For Long Time Fri, 26 Aug 2011 09:14:37 +0000 Administrator The business set ups all over the world are shaken up with the reports that appeared in first and second weeks of August 2011 regarding the possibility of world economy meltdown. The possibility was strengthened by the reduction in financial ranking of super power America. Different economic experts have different opinion about the possible impacts over the business; however, business managers have become conscious and many have started to solidify their business models. Increasing approach in wider consumer base and in the community of relevant decision makers is the traditional and proven approach. To give the practical shape to this approach, business gifts are being used since decades. However, as the business doing practices have changed, so the practice of selection of best promotional gifts too have changed.

There is no shortage of vendors and manufacturers who have expertise in promotional gifts. These professionals offer exclusively designed services facilitating their clients as per their particular requirements. Marking of selected gift with company logo or message; packing and delivering etc are some of those. If the required quantity is volumetric, you may ask to customize the whole process at any stage. However, it is must to ensure that you get expected results from the promotional investment. Also, selecting the costliest gifts or distributing more business gifts is not the guarantee of success. Selection of best and result delivering gifts needs multidimensional consideration.

When you approach the stores dealing in business gifts and services, you come across many options. The range of products for each budget is so wide that you may get confused in selection of best. Before heading for the stores, do little home work with peace of mind. Better you involve the associates also to get more ideas. List your buying parameters by exploring all the possibilities. Here are some recent arrivals in this category that are gaining good response from business owners and managers.

Metal wall clocks are available in wide range of size and shape. Printed with business information, these can be installed at most visible spots. As these are almost maintenance free and have utility potential for every business set up, so these are liked by the recipients. If you are looking for corporate gift to be given to high rank decision makers, think about the table and wall decor items. Globes, sand hour glass, wood ships, book ends, wall paintings and metal wall decor items etc are good options. Table lamps and floor lamps are other utility items that can be gifted to illuminate the working area of supporting staff in style. Waterfalls too can be considered but if the concerned recipient has enough space in his working chamber. However, there is no limit of options but the selected item should be long lasting and of supreme quality.

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