» fruitcake All About Cakes, Coffee Time, Tea Time and Party Time! Fri, 08 Feb 2013 11:50:29 +0000 en hourly 1 Select The Party Coffee Or Fruit Cakes Wisely To Safeguard Social Image Wed, 18 May 2011 09:46:46 +0000 Administrator There would be hardly any occasion that can be celebrated without serving delicious cakes of variety. These are favorites to everyone irrespective to age. When we start hunting for the best cake to be served at the party, we come across many options. Fruit cakes and coffee cakes are the most sought after cakes because of their unique properties and flavors.

Many people opt to make the cakes at home by self. No doubt, it is the best way to prepare the fresh cake of personal liking. This option saves your money and time considerably. However, it is not advised to cook the cake by self for the parties unless you are sufficiently experienced. The premium bakeries offer wide range of cakes for all the purposes.

If you are determined to buy only fruit cakes that too you will get enough options. Ultimate Fruitcake Lovers Sampleris, Assumption Abbey , Traditional Texas, Traditional Texas Pre-Sliced and Individually Wrapped, Grandma’s Famous Fruit & Nut and Original Fruit & Nut Cake Ring but without the sugar etc are good options to look over. Chocolate Fruitcake and Grandma’s Famous Fruit & Nut Cake Ring have been favorite choices for birthday parties. If you are determined to buy only coffee cakes then too you have sufficient options. Traditional sour cream, Kosher, Cinnamon Walnut, Grandma’s Granny Smith Apple, New England Blueberry etc are good options to be considered.

Many leading bakeries and stores offer customization services also. It allows to get the cakes of desired flavor and shape. Coffee cake can be preserved even for months if cared properly; while fruit cakes have comparatively shorter life. Different cakes come in different sizes and volume. Prior to order for any, confirm the possible servings from single cake. Traditional Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake serves approx 16 – 20 people while Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake serves approx 10 – 12 people. Saying NO to trans fat, artificial coloring, artificial flavoring or preservatives has become common practice. Many cakes come in such a beautiful container that you hardly need any cake stand.

If you have some celebration date near to that of some common occasion like Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day etc, you may ask the selected vendor to prepare the cakes with concerned flavor, it will make your hosting more stylish and impressive. If are going to place the order for any coffee cake or fruit cakes, don’t compromise for the quality; instead change the selected type or get the desired quantity in combination of 2 or 3.

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My Experiences With Fruit Cakes: Bake Better Cakes Fri, 06 May 2011 08:59:17 +0000 Administrator Fruit cakes are commonly used eatable in any family. These have been favorite to children and adults both; that’s why it is served with any meal. Easy to prepare, wide variety and long shelf life etc properties are keeping them at the top of favorite delicacies options that you can prepare at home.  As you cook more, you learn more about fruits cake. Experiences are different. Here are some secrets about fruits cake, I experienced.

Fruitcake should be made much before the time of usage. Many people say that fresh cake would be better but preserved cakes taste better. May be surprising to you but it is my experience. At least one month long storage is good but if you use cake after 2-4 four months, it will taste better. However, it needs proper storage facilities. Fruitcakes freeze well but these should be of at least 4 weeks age.

Never make the cakes in hurry. It involves many time taking processes. If you try to eliminate any process or to speed up the process more than natural, you wouldn’t get the best one. It is a days long process. Prepare nuts and fruits. Pour some flavored liquor over them. Let the mix stand covered at least for two – three days. Batter the paste and bake the cakes. The well prepared tasty fruit cakes ease down household pressure; thus, you can enjoy more time with your family members.

Bake the fruitcakes at low temperature. Some ladies set the temperature high to shorten the process but it makes the cakes hard. Ideally, it shouldn’t be more than 325 degrees and should be set much lower than this. The pans should be covered with brown or waxed paper at the base. This practice saves the fruit cakes from burning during baking. Check for the readiness should be done by inserting the cake tester in the center of cake. If the cake is ready, tester will come out moist but not doughy.

The fruit cakes can be decorated immediately after baking or at the time of serving. If you are not decorating before storing, wrap the baked cake in cheesecloth. Sprinkle a liquor or wine liberally but it should be same as was used while making paste. Before storing, wrap the cake in plastic bag. Brush the stored fruit cakes with same liquor one a week. If you are the first timer, don’t bake more quantity at one time however, you can prepare the mix for more baking. Baking of fruit cakes creates significant difference in taste and appearance.

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How Does Fruitcake Fit in at the Royal Wedding? Wed, 23 Feb 2011 15:06:24 +0000 Administrator By Liz Corcoran and Alison Schwartz

Banana flan may take the cake as Prince William’s favorite dessert, but there’s another sweet treat that wedding guests will be digging their forks into at the April 29 royal affair: Pass the fruitcake.

Sarah Haywood, a British wedding designer, tells PEOPLE the dessert is a U.K. wedding staple with its own traditions. Couples usually store the top layer of the cake in a tin and serve it at the Christening of their first child, she says.

“Someone has told me that in America, they are astonished that we eat fruitcake,” Haywood tells PEOPLE. “Americans do not get fruitcake.”

And whether or not the dessert takes off in the states, fruitcake, usually made with candied fruit, nuts, spices and, sometimes, a layer of icing, fruitcake may already be on the top of the menu at the regal wedding – literally.

“Each tier [of the cake] will be different,” Haywood says of one current trend, “and we usually put the fruitcake at the top.”

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