» Insulated Mugs All About Cakes, Coffee Time, Tea Time and Party Time! Fri, 08 Feb 2013 11:50:29 +0000 en hourly 1 Insulated Travel Mugs, For A Spill Proof Travelling Fri, 04 Jan 2013 05:22:04 +0000 Administrator A simple light weight travel mug with a leak proof lid and having two layers of stainless steel is ideal for keeping a freshly brewed coffee hotter and steamier for a longer time. Unmatchable quality and versatility has made insulated mugs increasingly popular amongst people. One may use these mugs either at home, at work, or even while travelling.

With the use of leak proof technology and having a resilient construction, insulated mugs are perfect in order to keep any beverage hot for a longer duration whether at home or even while travelling. There are various kinds of travel mugs. Some of these mugs are the stainless steel made, some are manufactured out of plastic and some out of ceramic. However among all of these, the most popular type is the stainless steel one. A simple light weight mug with a leak proof lid and having two layers of stainless steel is ideal for keeping a freshly brewed coffee hotter and steamier for a longer time. Not only these mugs are perfect for keeping beverages hot but also are capable of keeping beverages such as iced tea, cold coffee, etc. chilled for a longer time.
One of the main advantages of using stainless steel travel mugs is that these mugs have superior insulation as compared to others. In addition to this, these mugs are lighter in weight as and yet far more durable as compared to plastic or ceramic mugs. But looking at the other side of the coin, we can also say that these mugs are a bit expensive than the other mugs.

However, their unmatchable quality and versatility has made insulated mugs increasingly popular amongst people. One may use these mugs either at home, at work, or even while travelling. Moreover an exclusive travel companion such as an insulated mugs can always make you feel special. This is the main reason why these mugs are preferred as apt corporate gifts for employees, dealers, as well as stakeholders.

Some of the features such as a comfortable shape, a soft grip handle, a perfect base size to fit maximum drink, double wall insulation, and foam insulated body for carrying soda, has made these mugs extremely popular amongst travelers. Stylish mug in hand supports your personality statement. Roam around the shops or exotic locations, sipping your favorite drinks. The use is not limited just to traveling period, use them as well in-house also.

These mugs serve great value, especially at places of high altitude, where one cannot survive without a coffee mug in his hand. Apart from the above advantages one can easily see that travel mugs are of great value as promotional items because of its longevity and durability. As these products are non-perishable in nature so they can be retained by the receiver for years and allow him to cherish all his good memories in all seasons.

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Insulated Mugs Being Liked More As Low Budget Business Gifts Thu, 20 Oct 2011 07:55:41 +0000 Administrator Business gifts can be used round the year to promote the business as well as to strengthen the business relations.  However, the importance of business promotion gifts becomes more near Christmas or New Year. Demand of business gifts becomes quite high at the arrival of Christmas or New Year. Every year, manufacturers introduce new concepts in form of new gift products, thus the selection of best becomes tough and confusing. Selection of best business gift needs multidimensional consideration even before heading for gift stores. There is no shortage of options. However, we need a centric approach to select the real best in terms of utility, price, convenience to distribute, packing, customization scope and convincing appeal etc.

Business gift that you select must be different from that of others. Key personalities in business community get gifts from many people and this aspect makes it important to select an item that could specify your distinguished approach. Giving business gifts is not one time affair, it must be influential. It should be as per standards of recipient. Many business gift items have versatile potential to be used for any business. These items can be gifted anytime. These are used in every family and thus your gift reminds your presence multiple times whenever it is used.  Insulated mug are gaining wide social acceptance for being round the year versatile business gift item.

Insulated mugs are available in variety of sizes and shapes. These are made of different materials like ceramic, steel and plastic etc. Insulated mugs made of stainless steel are more popular because of being long lasting. These can be used as traveler mugs also. The beverages you use in these mugs remain hot or cold for 2-3 hours. Many brands offer these mugs with spill proof lid also. The long handle makes their handling easy and sturdy for left and right handed users. These are anytime excellent addition to every kitchen. These come in such a wide range of colors that these seem a shelf mounted decorative item.

Some brands offer insulated mugs with special message for the global community that makes your gift more special. Peace Love and Happiness Jeweled Ceramic Mug is the one among this years’ fresh arrivals in this category. This mug comes with soft pad at the bottom top facilitate its soft placing on sophisticated tabletops. Karma insulated mug is other good option in same category. All of these are available in attractive festive packing so you hardly need to invest extra for gift packing.

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Coffee Cups & Insulated Mugs- To Make The Lifestyle Fashionable Thu, 14 Jul 2011 07:55:29 +0000 Administrator Are you fond of living in style? This dream may be true and for this you don’t need to spend much. There are many occasions and special moments in our daily life that can bring heavenly pleasure for us if enjoyed in style. These activities can be made very special and source of pleasure by having some no-expensive house hold items. Coffee cups and insulated mugs are just two out of many. Both of these are essentially present items in most of families but we hardly notice their presence.

Just think about the coffee session you enjoy at home after the arrival from office. Few minutes spent for this purpose give you extra ordinary mental and physical relaxation, which is different than that you get in office during routine coffee session. The company of dear ones creates this difference. If the tea or coffee is served in beautifully designed insulated mugs, these relaxing moments can be extended considerably. The insulated coffee/tea mugs keep the beverages hot for long duration.

Designer coffee cups or mugs are available in variety of sizes, generally measured in terms of capacity. Selection can be made on theme basis also. If you have special passion for pirate decor, these mugs with special design of ships, masks or costumes etc are available. If you want to satisfy your passion of natural decor, select the one designed with natural themes like trees, birds, sun and rivers etc. Some brands offer these mugs in unbreakable category also. Kids enjoy their milk or coffee in these mugs.

Designer insulated coffee cups or mugs are being used for many alternative purposes also. These are small cost decor items which can places in small places available on shelves or side tables. These can be used as pen or pencil stands also. These can be used as cutlery stand in dining room. If you are not going to use these mugs instantly, these can be kept wrapped for the time being to be used when guests arrive. Because of being a low cost and elegant looking, these are being popular as a unique round the year gift item also. If you are looking for low cost business promotions gift to impress the buyers or channel partners, as enthusiasts of 2 or 4 is the perfect choice. These can be customized easily with your business logo or slogan. When we approach the stores for buying these, we come across wide range of designs, color and materials; in any case you wouldn’t be asked to compromise with choice parameters.

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Coffee Cup And Insulated Mugs: Multipurpose Utility Items Fri, 01 Jul 2011 10:50:48 +0000 Administrator Beverages seem tastier when these are sipped in beautiful and stylish cups or mugs. Departmental and crockery stores are flooded with wide range of mugs and cups. When we talk about the cups and mugs, ceramic and glass emerge as preferable materials but nowadays these are available in different metals also including aluminum, glass, bronze and brushed stainless steel etc. The presence of designer insulated mugs & coffee mugs in the rack near the dining table is understood as the status symbol.

Coffee cups for domestic use are made from special quality ceramics. Travel coffee cups are made from brushed steel to make them breakage free. Drive Time travel mugs are unmatched in design and functionality. These mugs eliminate numerous practical problems we face while driving and travelling. These mugs have a broad base and can be fitted in the standard cup holders that come fitted in most vehicles. The threaded lid at the top makes these mugs spill proof. Because of its tested high effectiveness, this style is termed as “Perfect Drink Lid”.

These specially designed mugs allow to sip from anywhere all round the lid. To close and open, a open switch is provided over the top of lid. Opening and closing is possible just by one hand without taking the eyes away from the front; therefore no disturbance while sipping your favorite beverages.

Double-wall stainless steel0 insulated Mugs come in variety of sizes but 18 ounces size is more in to the demand. Because of being a low cost, elegant looking and small in size, these are perfect option for round the year gift item for anyone. Fire Engine Red, Pearlescent Blue, Purple Metallic, Champagne Metallic and Satin Metallic insulated mugs are more in the demand. As these mugs are made of Stainless steel so these are hand wash and can’t be used in dishwashers and microwaves. To increase the temperature holding capacity, these mugs should be preheated with warm water before pouring in coffee.

Today options are so many that there is hardly any need to compromise. To get the best, you don’t need to wonder from one store to another. Just sit in the comfort of your drawing room over the laptop, start surfing over premium coffee cake sites. Most of sites dealing in coffee cakes, offer insulated coffee cups and mugs also. Selection can be made as per season and occasion. While buying any cup or mug, consider the capacity, handle type, durability and weight suitability like parameters.

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