» mail order cakes All About Cakes, Coffee Time, Tea Time and Party Time! Fri, 08 Feb 2013 11:50:29 +0000 en hourly 1 Exciting Range Of coffee cup And Cakes To Be Used As Christmas Gift Tue, 08 Nov 2011 06:10:38 +0000 Administrator Gift stores have already started to feel the surge in the sales of gift items. All the manufacturers and stores are busy in updating their collection. Most of inquiries for gift items these stores are getting are about low cost gift items. Corporate inquiries are more centric about the utility items also besides food items like mail order cakes. Buyers are looking for long lasting and commonly used items and food items. The other specific requirement that is coming from buyers’ side is about the easy to handle and dispatch facility.

So, it can be said that gift buyers for this festive season have become smarter than before and they desire the real worth of their investment in terms of look, utility, impression and ease. This change in consumer behavior has increased the problems of manufacturer and gift stores. Now these are more concerned about the introduction of new products that have high utility value for all the social segments. Coffee cup and travel mugs are emerging as the preferred items for all- manufacturers, stores and buyers. Both of these items have great features that justify the investment made by the gift buyers. Besides being unique gift items, these are anytime perfect buy for any family.

When you approach the stores for buying coffee cups, you come across wide range of colors and sizes. Selection can be made as per your special liking without any compromise. If the collection at your city store doesn’t satisfy your expectations, don’t compromise; land at online stores. There are numerous. These stores offer comparative wide range. If your order is of bulk size for business promotion purpose, these stores offer extra facilities also making your task surprisingly easy. You can ask the store manager to customize the selected coffee cup with your business logo, to insert your business card inside the special packing and to deliver the gift pack at desired address. The delivery of gift is confirmed by proof of delivery.

Cinnamon Streusel Butter with sour whip cream and Cinnamon Walnut etc are other good options under mail order cakes category getting popular as business gift options. These come in variety of packing. If you need these cakes in bulk, ask the supplier to customize the packing. Business message can be printed at the top of packs. Recipients admire the taste of mail order cakes in front of sharing members. The cost of mail order cakes gift packs is such affordable that it suits to tight budgets also.

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Mail Order Cakes And Tea Cups: Essential Item In Christmas Shopping List Wed, 19 Oct 2011 13:10:17 +0000 Administrator You might be looking for new means to celebrate this Christmas and New Year in new style with difference to previous celebration. Most of ladies become too busy in kitchen during this festive season that they don’t get any time to enjoy with kids or the visitors. The kids demand something new to eat in between main meals and this demand becomes more they are at home for more time. On the other side, you try to be best host by serving mouth watering dishes to the visitors. Little professional approach while preparing Christmas shopping list may help you to enjoy this Christmas with your kids, family members and visitors spending more time without compelling them to compromise with their demands and expectations. Inclusion of tea cups and mail order cakes in your shopping list may bring in this significant difference.

Many bakery stores offer attractive convenient packing of finger licking fruit cakes, whiskey fruit cake and coffee cakes which can be availed by placing order through mail. Some people call these cakes mail order cakes. The variety of mail order cakes is so wide that your family members will never bore by having same serving in each session. Assumption Abbey, Ultimate Fruitcake Lovers Samplers, Traditional Texas pre-Sliced and Individually Wrapped, Grandma’s Famous Original Fruit & Nut Cake Ring but without sugar, Grandma’s Famous Fruit & Nut, Chocolate fruitcakes and All Natural Mandarin Orange & Cranberry Ring are all time favorite mail order cakes. The serving of these cakes impresses the visitors with hosting style as well as your hosting standard. Major benefit of choosing mail order cakes as main dish is that long shelf life of these cakes allow to store these for weeks.

The other low priced item that must be essential part of shopping list on this Christmas is tea cups. When you serve the mouth watering cakes with hot tea in designer tea cups, it delivers long lasting impression besides making the tea session more relaxing. Tea cups are available in wide range of designs, sizes and style; so selection can be made as per personal liking without any compromise with theme, color, particular design or shape. Tea cups with Christmas theme are also available and are in huge demand. These are designed in such a unique way that these can be used round the year. Some reputed brands offer double body unbreakable tea cups also. These cups have high utility worth and thus are perfect option for Christmas gift.

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New Mail Order Cakes To Wish Christmas And New Year In Style Wed, 19 Oct 2011 13:08:45 +0000 Administrator Cakes are the essential eatery in everyone’s life style. These are used round the year but during holiday sessions, the importance of cakes becomes more. As the Christmas and New Year holiday season is coming back, bakery stores are ready to introduce exciting new range of fruit cakes and coffee cakes. Many of these are being introduced first time so it would be exciting to taste these. It doesn’t matter whether your nearby bakery store has these new cakes arrivals or not because all of these are placed under mail order cakes category. All the cakes under this category can be ordered through mail.

If you are dealing with trusted and reputed store, shed away all the worries about the quality and quantity. No store would like to play with its repute. The only aspect that you need to focus upon is about the variety and the size. Most of mail order cakes are being used as business gifts also. This option becomes more justified around Christmas or New Year. Reputed stores offer special packing for this purpose. These store offer free services for customizing the packs by placing your business cards and messages inside the packing. Just send the list of addresses and leave the entire responsibility of safe delivery upon selected stores.

Fruit cakes are liked as business gifts because these can be stored for weeks. These can be used anytime and are liked by most. The consumption of cakes becomes high during holiday season as kids demand something delicious more often because of being at home. Instead of spending your holiday time in kitchen, better you share more time with them or guests. The rising popularity of fruit cakes shows that these are gaining social acceptance as versatile gift and essential festive buy.

When you approach the cake stores personally or online, you come across wide range of fruit cakes and coffee cakes. Fruit cakes are liked more because these can be used anytime while coffee cakes are generally used as snacks during tea or coffee session. Assumption Abbey fruit cakes is a dark-rich fruit cake that comes in traditional style. It was made by Trappist monks in small monastery located at Ava, Missouri. This rich and spicy cake is spiked with rum and burgundy wine. It is stuffed with pecans, pineapple, English walnuts, cherries, raisins, American citron, currants and orange peel. This two pound cake serves about 7-8. Grandma’s Famous Fruit & Nut Cake and Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake are other good options in mail order cakes category, which are liked by all the recipients because of having unique aroma and blend.

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Mail Order Cakes: Easy To Way To Refresh The Routine Menu Fri, 23 Sep 2011 09:36:44 +0000 Administrator If you have passion for throwing parties, traveling or enjoying long coffee sessions fruit cakes, coffee cakes, attractive coffee cups and decent travel mugs are must to have for you. The all time presence of these will reduce your monthly budget while increasing the pleasure many times. If you buy the cakes from specialized and branded stores, share these with your colleagues to win their hearts. When you plan for picnic with kids, don’t forget to carry with some cakes. When you are at drive and don’t want to stop and delay but kids demand something to refresh, give them a pack of fruit cakes.

Large Traditional Cinnamon Walnut Coffee is one of the best mail order cakes. It has the same timeless classic flavor of taste and smell for which it is known worldwide. Stuffed with quality Bourbon Vanilla, cinnamon streusel and whole walnuts, it comes in a very attractive packing that is not less than a gift pack. It is so soft that it almost melts in mouth. The quantity is more than sufficient to be served to 16-20 people. Anytime serving that takes cakes lovers to heaven till it melts in mouth. It is absolutely free from trans fats, artificial flavoring, artificial coloring or preservatives.

Cinnamon Streusel Butter and Sour Cream Cake is another best from mail order cakes category. It is old fashioned but most ordered sour cream cake with delicious cinnamon streusel. This mouth watering anytime serving is made of butter, sour real cream, quality walnuts, sugar nb high end cinnamon. 48 oz pack is more than sufficient for 12-16 people; however, it is hard to resist for more once its softness reaches to hearts. It needs little chilling before slicing to prevent any crumbling. Slight warming and butter topping before serving creates yummy gourmet treat.

Traditional and mouth refreshing Cinnamon Walnut Cake is the best way to impress the guests with hosting style. Its brownish shade with the goodness of golden yellow makes the kids and adults both crazy to have it anytime. The perfect mix of eggs, pure Bourbon Vanilla, sour cream, whole walnuts and cinnamon streusel makes this mail order cakes category cake unique in feel and taste. 28 oz attractive pack is more than enough for 10 – 12 people. It can be keep frozen even for four months.

Almost all of cakes can be bought through mails. However, before finalizing any cake for the party, confirm whether it belongs to mail order cakes category or not.

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